Responsible Gaming Education Week – August 3-7, 2015

Play Responsibly – responsible gaming

While most people play responsibly, it is important to know that gambling can cause problems for some people. This brochure contains a set of questions to ask yourself to determine if gambling is causing you problems, and the toll-free hotline to call for help.​

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Responsible Player Guidelines and Characteristics –

Millions of Americans every year enjoy gaming, leading to tremendous growth in markets across the country. Despite increased access to gaming, approximately one percent of Americans have a gambling disorder – a statistic that has remained fairly stable over the past three decades from study to study despite time, location and various methodologies employed by researchers. Nearly half (49%) of pathological gamblers were treated for other mental disorders. On average, 82 percent of American adults gamble every year. From lotteries and NCAA brackets to bingo and raffles, the vast majority of Americans enjoy this form of entertainment without any harm. This brochure describes characteristics of responsible gaming and suggests some personal guidelines to keep gaming what it’s intended to be fun.

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For more resources, visit the American Gaming Association website.