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Gambling on sports may not be viewed as gambling by some people, but it can lead to problems for bettors who struggle to control their impulses. When you bet on sports, you can lose more than just money. Sports betting can be a problem for many Ohioans, leading to debt, loss of relationships, bankruptcy, and even suicide. Take a moment before betting on sports to pause, consider the risks, and set limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sports Betting Legal in Ohio?

Online and in-person sports betting is legal in Ohio and will launch on the universal sports gaming start date of Jan. 1, 2023. 

Is Sports Betting Legal in Ohio?

After the universal start date for sports betting on Jan. 1, 2023, many different forms of sports betting are legal in Ohio. Bets can be placed using licensed online sports books from your computer or phone, or in person at brick-and-mortar locations. Some types of bets can also be placed on digital terminals in bars that already hold a liquor license and sell lottery tickets. 

What does the Future of Sports Betting Look Like in Ohio?

Ohio loves sports of all kinds, and experts expect the market for sports betting to be quite large at the Jan. 1, 2023 universal start date, and to continue to grow after that. That’s why it’s important for bettors and sports betting operators alike to know the risks of problem gambling. 

What does the Future of Sports Betting Look Like in Ohio?

 Online and mobile apps are continuing to grow in popularity and give users easy access to play. As access increases, experts worry that more people will try betting for the first time, and the number of people who struggle with problems with gambling will increase. Online sports betting and fantasy sports also allow people to place a bet or a guess on nearly every aspect of sporting events in real-time, shortening the time it takes to place bets and know the outcome. 

Is Sports Betting Legal In Other States?

The Supreme Court removed the federal ban on sports betting in 2018, and 32 states have some form of legal sports betting, either online or in-person. Many states have moved toward legalizing various types of sports betting in recent years, and more are expected to in the future. 

Is Sports Betting Legal In Other States?

Both sports betting and fantasy sports are legal in Ohio, but they are quite different. In fantasy sports, you pick your own rosters and play against another individual’s roster, instead of placing a bet on a real-life team. Ohio regulates fantasy sports separately from sports betting, but both involve an element of random chance and could lead to developing a problem with gambling. So, whether you participate in fantasy sports or sports betting it’s important to set limits, recognize the risks, and know when to stop. 

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