Sports Gamblers Are Delusional About Chances of Winning, Study Finds

Pathological gambling is gaining accessibility through the use of smart phones and laptops. No longer relegated to brick-and-mortar establishments, those who want to gamble can do so anytime, anywhere.

Despite the accessibility for the masses to play the odds, when it comes to treating pathological gambling, the strategy may require nuanced sensibilities, says a new study. Researchers at Tel Aviv University provide evidence that all gambling is not driven by the same motivators. Those who play casino games have a different perception of their role when compared with sports gamblers.

The study was based on previous research that has called compulsive gambling an impulse control disorder, with results suggesting that the control of obsessive tendencies was the key to treatment.

However, Professor Pinhas Dannon of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and the Beer Yaakov Mental Health Center says that sports gamblers do not fit this profile.

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