Super Bowl 2015: Keeping it a “safe bet”

Sherman or Brady? Fun with Skittles or fun with Gronk? No matter your pick in the 49th Super Bowl, we’ve got tips for keeping your time a safe bet.


January 26, 2015 | by Julie Hynes

It seems like this year more than most, we’ve had our share of drama-filled, media-snark moments leading up to Super Bowl XLIX. I have to say, with my favorite teams being out of it this year, it’s somewhat more enjoyable watching / snickering from afar.

But this article isn’t about “DeflateGate” or whether Marshawn Lynch goes full “beast mode” (just going to stay PG here). It’s about this time of the year and how people often feel like they want to get in on the “action” — not just the emotion of the game itself. It’s about some people getting in over their heads. This is a time when you might recognize when someone cares a little too much about certain odds or scores. In fact, you might even recognize a gambling problem in a friend that you may not have noticed before.

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