Christmas Time Gambling

Well, it is less than one month, or two paydays until Christmas and while festive cheer moves into over-drive, for people who have a problem with their gambling, this can be an extremely stressful time!jwm100

Our family, friends, girlfriends or partners have huge expectations around the holiday, celebrations and the gifts that they receive for Christmas.

If you have a problem with your gambling the likelihood is that you won’t have the money to be able to buy the expected presents.

The pressure we feel can lead us to gambling more to try to win enough money to meet expectations.

What usually happens is gambling eats up more of your money and there is none left, or very little left to buy gifts and food.

Typically, arguments and disappointment follow, and relationships are often pushed to breaking point.

The secrecy around the gambling behaviour often adds more pressure and can cause more upset at this time of year.

Many people with a gambling problem often feel depressed and worthless and withdraw from those close to them, making the holidays very miserable for everyone involved.

So how do you make your Christmas a merry one? Think about your family, friends and partner and most of all yourself – only bet what you can afford to lose.

Sam’s five gold gambling tips

As soon as you get paid, pay your bills and go Christmas shopping (set a budget)

Ask your parents or partner to hold on to your keycard so you are not tempted to use money for gambling

Make a choice. Decide to save enough money to be able to afford to attend all the social activities around the holidays

Avoid gambling venues when drinking excessive alcohol

If you are not prepared to lose don’t gamble

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!


from Counselor Sam’s Blog
Problem Gambling Counsellor