Gambling Addiction: Avoid Triggers During The Holiday Season



For many people, the holiday season can be filled with celebrations and gatherings. They bring together family members and friends of all ages to catch up, share meals, and, often, play games. For a recovering problem gambler, the holiday season can be filled with many opportunities to gamble with the people around them, which may threaten their gambling addiction recovery. How?



  • Poker and other card games are played by family and friends around the kitchen table
  • Scratch-off tickets are given as gifts
  • Holiday sports events provide opportunities to place bets on winners and outcomes
  • The holiday season is a time many individuals take trips to resorts and other destinations with unique gambling options

There are many more situations that can cause problem gamblers to feel the urge to gamble. If you are in recovery from a gambling addiction, you must avoid gambling “triggers” in order for your recovery to continue successfully.

What can you do?

by Jim Maney, Executive Director, Know the Odd$