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Gambling addiction a major concern in sports betting debate

The Supreme Court has given states the go-ahead to allow gambling on sports nationwide, Ohio legislators are faced with deciding how to move forward with local legislation. “There are a tremendous amount of options,” said Senator Bill Coley, who represents the 4th Ohio Senate District, and is the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Government Oversight and Reform. Click here for more on this breaking story.   

Ohio Gambling Survey Analysis Released

The Ohio for Responsible Gambling coalition today released an analysis of the Ohio Gambling Survey – Round Two, a follow-up to the baseline survey done in 2012, before any of the state’s casinos and racetrack-based racinos had opened. Ohio for Responsible Gambling (ORG) includes the Ohio Commissions of Casino Control, Lottery and Racing, and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS). The new 2016-17 survey gathered 24,000 completed responses and includes the same prevalence measurement used in 2012, the Canadian Problem Gambling Index (CPGI). This allows for a … Read More »

Fighting Compulsive Gambling Among Women

By TANYA MOHN APRIL 28, 2017 Marilyn Lancelot, 86, said that after being a compulsive gambler for seven years, she was arrested at age 61 for embezzling $350,000 from her job and served nearly a year in prison.  Credit Deanna Alejandra Dent for The New York Times         Blinking lights, the clicking sound of coins, and perks like free or inexpensive food, drinks and casino bus trips are enticing many older women to gamble. For some people, that seductive environment can be extremely dangerous. “Casinos are trained to make you feel … Read More »

More Ohioans Getting Treated for Gambling Addiction

May 2, 2017, at 12:44 a.m DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — An increase in the number of Ohioans treated for gambling addiction in the past two years is attributed not only to the effects of casino legalization but to increased availability of treatment. State reports show the number of Ohioans treated or diagnosed with a gambling disorder rose by more than 11 percent from 2014 through 2016. The Daily News reports ( ) the increase coincides with treatment centers and with the spread of casino gambling around the state since the … Read More »

Addiction an issue among convenience store gamblers

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – After more than 60 law enforcement agents raided Valdosta area businesses in search of evidence of illegal gambling Wednesday, experts are discussing the effects machines at convenience stores and other places can have on those with addictions. Some psychologists said gambling schemes are designed in very addicting ways. The convenience of the machines can make it harder to recover from an addiction, which can be harmful to a persons family, finances or overall well being. They add that some psychological associations have only recently classified the issue as … Read More »

2017’s Most Gambling-Addicted States

Gambling exists in every state, even Hawaii and Utah, where gambling is prohibited by law. But all gamblers are different. “Recreational” or “social” gamblers, for instance, buy the occasional scratcher, take the rare casino trip or bet small stakes in fantasy sports. But they also possess the mental capacity to quit at any point and prevent catastrophic financial loss. “Professional” gamblers make up another group — the likes of math genius Edward Thorp and high-stakes sports bettor Bill Krackomberger — who gamble well enough to make a living out of … Read More »

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

As we head into March, it’s time to have the conversation about Problem Gambling. From the National Council on Problem Gambling: NCPG encourages everyone to Have the Conversation about Problem Gambling. Most adults gamble or know someone who gambles, and therefore could benefit from programs to prevent gambling addiction. We believe many who suffer in silence do so because they don’t know why they developed a problem, what gambling addiction is or where to get help. Statistics suggest that 5 million Americans and more than 1 million Canadians meet the … Read More »

Gambling Addiction and the Brain

Gambling Addiction and the Brain Source: Society for Neuroscience Gambling — whether it be the lottery, scratch cards, casino games, bingo, slot machines, Internet poker, or sports betting — is more acceptable and accessible than ever before. For most people, gambling is a recreational activity. But for a significant minority, it progresses to a serious problem. Players who almost win a game of chance have similar brain activity in reward pathways to those who actually win. Courtesy, with permission: Luke Clark   Recently, scientists and mental health professionals decided to … Read More »

Older Adults Can Be Problem Gambler’s Too

For most older adults, gambling is simply a fun recreational activity, but for those who become addicted to it, it can be a devastating disease that can financially wipe them out. There are a number of reasons why seniors can be vulnerable to gambling problems. For starters, seniors are often catered to by casinos with free bus transportation, free or discounted meals, special rewards and other prizes as a way to entice them. In addition, many seniors use gambling as a way to distract or escape feelings of loneliness, depression, … Read More »

Patients Say Abilify Turned Them Into Compulsive Gamblers and Sex Addicts

Warning labels in Canada and Europe said the pill used to treat depression could unleash destructive behaviors, but no one told Americans until thousands of them said it was too late. M.L. Nestel 11.28.16 1:13AM ET  A year after her father took hostages and committed suicide by cop, Lucy kept freezing in the supermarket aisle. “I couldn’t breathe, literally, my husband would often have to come pick me up from whatever aisle of the store I was stuck in and drive me home,” the traumatized daughter confided in a letter she … Read More »